Publisher's Note| Volume 15, ISSUE 3, PA12, September 2016

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Clinical Skin Cancer: The Next Addition to Elsevier's Clinical Cancer (ECC) Journal Portfolio

        We are proud to welcome Clinical Skin Cancer and its editor, Michael Postow (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center), to the Elsevier Clinical Cancer (ECC) portfolio. The first in the ECC series, Clinical Lung Cancer, launched in 1999, and was followed by Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia, Clinical Breast Cancer, Clinical Colorectal Cancer, and Clinical Genitourinary Cancer.
        The mission of the ECC journals is to be the premier source of clinically relevant information through promoting excellence in clinical research and facilitating the timely translation of that science to health care and clinical practice, while nurturing the development of future generations of oncology health care providers.
        Clinical Skin Cancer serves an unfulfilled role within our clinical journals, and it is clear that a journal focusing on the topic of skin cancer would further our mission. Skin malignancies are the most common form of cancer within the United States, and this disease has touched the lives of many on a global level.
        Clinical Skin Cancer will bring cutting-edge data to the practicing clinician by providing physicians and health care professionals with the most up-to-date, clinically relevant information available. By focusing on translational and clinical data, as well as educational topics, we aim to provide members of the oncology care team with information that will enhance their ability to provide optimal patient care.
        Clinical Skin Cancer will publish content that promotes the core needs of community oncology practices, including review articles highlighting the recent advancing and best practices in care; original content providing cutting edge translational and clinical data; case reports and tumor boards detailing current treatment practices; and current trial reports showcasing accruing trials that could lead to life changing treatments for patients. These articles will focus on the needs of clinicians as they work to provide the best care for their patients.
        The Journal editors consist of a global team, and we are proud to have Drs. April Salama (Duke University), Alexander van Akkooi (Netherlands Cancer Institute), Jun Guo (Peking University), Anthony Buzaid (Hospital Sao Jose), Paul Nathan (Mt. Vernon Cancer Institute), and Chris Barker (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center) as associate editors. They are dedicated to providing a rapid peer review process and ensuring high quality content for our clinical audience. We will work closely with our editorial board and our readership to ensure that Clinical Skin Cancer remains clinically relevant and promotes our mission. We are excited that we can expand the Journal to meet the growing demand of our global audience.
        The first issue of Clinical Skin Cancer is in development, and articles can be found via The Journal will release quarterly, with articles appearing online within days of acceptance by our editors. We encourage our audience of oncologists and related health care providers to submit content to the Journal.

        Clinical Skin Cancer Aims and Scope

        Clinical Skin Cancer will publish original articles describing various aspects of clinical and translational research of skin cancers. The Journal will be devoted to articles on the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of melanoma and other skin malignancies. We welcome original studies, comprehensive reviews, perspectives, and current trials on these topics.